We go out walking


Sometimes, on nice Saturday afternoon (like this one, in fact), my younger daughter (age 12) will agree to go on a walk with me. My older daughter is at a friend’s house today, but she prefers to walk alone. Really, she prefers riding her bike. So after my younger daughter baked some chocolate cupcakes and made the chocolate frosting, it was time to go on the walk.

It took us around two hours, which feels like an incredibly long time, but absolutely well spent. I think we walked maybe four miles, maybe a bit more, down regular streets and country roads and past a pond and many lovely houses and barns and under a couple bridges. We also passed a couch.



Then, quite unexpectedly, we came upon this crime scene.


And then, a little later on, this crime scene.


My daughter stopped to drink from an apparently delicious spring and could not stop talking about it for a long time. That water though, she said a few times as we walked on, as only someone teenagery would.

Later she said, You don’t see electricity boxes like this very often!


Eventually we reached the last stretch of the walk, where some of the snow and ice from the night before could be seen in the puddles, even though it was now 55 degrees.


And then we got home and my daughter frosted the cupcakes. And thus, a fairly ordinary, fairly delicious Saturday afternoon.



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