100 things that totally delight me

Here, my friends, is a list, which is by no means comprehensive, or in any sort of order, of things that totally delight me. Hopefully some of them delight you too. (My exceedingly delightful family and friends are not on this list because, obviously.)

100. This total stranger

100. This total stranger

  1. cats
  2. cows
  3. hot-and-sour soup
  4. a particular shade of blue I first encountered in a Mexican restaurant in New Hampshire (on the walls and the waiters’ identically colored shirts) (I call this color “Mexican restaurant blue” for lack of a better word)
  5. Tortas de Aceite de Ines Rosales (you can, and should, get them at the Honest Weight Food Coop!)
  6. Mark Bittman’s “Tomato Sauce with Lots of Veggies”
  7. Greek yogurt
  8. Star Trek
  9. Pilates
  10. seltzer (and sometimes, but not always, flavored seltzer)
  11. Thanksgiving
  12. boys who wear flannel shirts
  13. the smell of peonies
  14. Mille Bornes
  15. Brussels sprouts
  16. these words of wisdom from Super Hans
  17. Harold’s smile
  18. driving through Stockbridge, Mass. (the quote scene of the crime unquote)
  19. Warrior 2 pose
  20. Joe Strummer adorably playing the piano in Rude Boy, a movie I have seen no less than 20 times
  21. this Winslow Homer painting
  22. Yiddish
  23. the smell of freshly laundered socks
  24. paintings from Picasso’s Blue Period
  25. a letter I received years ago from David Sedaris
  26. Cadbury’s Crunchie bar (milk chocolate with a honeycomb center) (heavenly!)
  27. wide-angle shots
  28. snow tires
  29. Daniel Pinkwater’s goofy hilarious books for kids, which I may have appreciated a lot more than my kids, for some reason (“La Brea” in Spanish means “the tar,” so “The La Brea Tar Pits” means “the the tar tar pits.”)
  30. every single thing about this
  31. baklava
  32. Lou Reed saying “huh!” in “Sweet Jane”
  33. silversmith Paul Revere
  34. the opening music to Battlestar Galactica
  35. fancy moisturizer
  36. mint
  37. mint tea
  38. the word “malarkey”
  39. patchouli incense (I know!)
  40. the chili pepper lights in my living room
  41. the delicious Orangette blog
  42. the expression “dog and pony show”
  43. Ritter Sport milk chocolate bar (“Square. Practical. Good.”)
  44. marjoram used in place of oregano
  45. Le Creuset pots
  46. making mix CDs
  47. speaking in Nadsat (only in my rassoodock)
  48. my Jeffrey Lewis Pandora station
  49. balsamic vinaigrette
  50. people who are left-handed (I am not)
  51. anything about the 1939 New York World’s Fair (ask me about my master’s thesis!)
  52. the old-fashioned radiators in my apartment
  53. big black boots
  54. thrift stores
  55. fancy 1960s cars
  56. the way my aunt says “fabulous!”
  57. my dad’s Swiss army knife that he carries in his pocket at all times
  58. curlicue fonts such that you might find in Wes Anderson films
  59. corduroys
  60. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day soaps
  61. everything bagels
  62. that feeling at the very end of a long day at the ocean
  63. strawberries in late June
  64. peaches smack in the middle of summer
  65. apples all fall
  66. short stories
  67. my grandmother’s knaidlach
  68. dancing to music in my bedroom
  69. my stepmother’s salad
  70. my new (close but not precisely Mexican restaurant blue) velvet couch
  71. Massachusetts and the neon when it’s cold outside
  72. getting a “plain slice” in my hometown
  73. sideshow performer extraordinaire Johnny Eck
  74. colorforms
  75. lip gloss
  76. hot sauce
  77. references to Erma Bombeck
  78. my A Clockwork Orange ring tone
  79. bass players
  80. long oak tables
  81. The hilarious Doctor Who episode “Love and Monsters” (featuring the music of E.L.O.)
  82. cider donuts
  83. long walks at night in the summertime
  84. old-fashioned milk bottles used as vases
  85. a well-sharpened chef’s knife
  86. the Good Times theme song
  87. my Abraham Lincoln socks
  88. the megacolon in the Mütter Museum
  89. anything related to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.
  90. a photograph of my teenage grandmother on a bicycle in Poland
  91. claw-foot bathtubs
  92. colored tights
  93. putting together furniture (see #70: my new couch)
  94. homemade vanilla extract
  95. interesting facts about American presidents
  96. serial commas
  97. people who pronounce “avenue” the way I do
  98. fancy coffee
  99. making lists
  100. Advertisements

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